Discover YOU

Discover You is a programme designed to work with Muslim women all over the UK and at different stages of their lives.

Together We Thrive Sisters

For some women, they need to re-shape their life once their children are at school, they get divorced or lose a loved one. For others they need some guidance on a career change or they need some moral support to start the business they have always wanted.  For those who are starting in their earlier life maybe just out of University, they need a steer from women who have experiences and wisdom from living life, that they could benefit from.

Whoever you are, whatever your reasons, this programme is for YOU!

The programme works best when women come together from a local area and go through the session together and then agree to help and support each other going forward. But even if you are the only one from your area, that’s OK too! Our experienced trainer, alongside diverse women from across the UK as part of the Thrive network, are ready to help and support you through the session and after the programme ends.

Here is a sneak peak at some of our course material to give you an idea of what we talk about and how those topics are covered.  The session is interactive, fun and relaxed and it is important to us that everyone feels valued and included.  We never have more than 20 people in a session because we believe more than that makes it harder to connect and interact with each person.

Click on the arrow to scroll through some of our material:

Some of the topics and discussion points we cover:

  • Who are YOU?
  • Developing positivity in your life
  • Rebalancing your time
  • Stories and inspiration from Muslim women in the past and current day
  • Action planning and goal setting
  • Muhammad (pbuh) as a role model for respecting women
  • Community leadership and the role of Muslim women
  • Follow up plans and how we will stay in touch with each other

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So many people have views and opinions of who we are as Muslim women. It is time we speak for ourselves, come together and discover who we really are and what we want from our lives. Then we can share that better in our communities and with the world.  Together, is how we will really thrive!