Abuse and Domestic Violence

We will use our platform to challenge, speak up and raise awareness of issues of domestic violence and all forms of abuse within Muslim communities. Keeping silent is not an option.

Abuse and domestic violence in Muslim communities

We have been approached by so many Muslim women since we started Together We Thrive, looking for help, guidance, and support but also looking for ways to share their stories, get help and support from other women and lift the lid on these issues. 

There are too many taboos, too much brushing under the carpet, too many people being silenced which allows the abusers to continue. 

In 2023 we will raise our voices, start to educate people more, through personal stories, of what is happening in Muslim communities, in Mosques, in family homes. We will find ways to expose ‘leaders’ who are actually abusers.  We will signpost to relevant professionals who can help, counsel and support women who are going through this.  We will partner with agencies where we can and where we think our voice and effort can help. 

And no, ‘Islam’ is not the problem, we know that. As Muslim women, firm in our faith, we don’t need to feel scared of tarnishing Islam with a brush that is unfair just because we speak out. Hatred and bigotry against Islam and Muslims will be there whether we speak up or not. But we would rather listen to what God says in the Qur’an about speaking up against injustice.   These conversations are not easy but they are necessary. 

The problem is big, just like it is in other faith and cultural communities. 

We can’t change it all. 

But one person at a time, one woman at a time, one story at a time, we will play our role and do what we can to bring about change. 

Join us. Message us. Pray for us. Get involved. 

Share your story and experiences with us. 

Together, we really can not just Survive…… but Thrive