Our Projects


Through our projects and campaigns, we link like-minded people together online, offline, locally and around different parts of the UK. Through training and education opportunities we connect Muslim women to each other and to people from all backgrounds.

Thrive Together

Thrive Together

Women from all backgrounds working together across the UK

Thrive in Schools

Thrive in Schools

Women working together to mentor, guide and support young people to reach their potential.

Thrive Local

Thrive Local

Working with Muslim women across the UK to support each other, develop and grow, together.

Our Home Iftar will bring Ramadan to you, from homes across the UK.

This Ramadan it is very likely that due to guidelines still being in place, we will not be able to invite people to our homes to share our Iftar. But that’s OK!

We can still share the generosity and hospitality in other ways.

COVID-19 Chronicles: Julie Siddiqi

Julie Siddiqi is interviewed by Ed Kessler of the Woolf Institute in Cambridge about how Covid 19 is affecting faith communities.

Julie Siddiqi: Faithfully Feminist

Faithfully Feminist at Greenbelt Festival.

Thrive Live

Live every Thursday on facebook we are joined by inspiring and interesting women who share experiences, wisdom and challenges.  All our conversations are in an informal, relaxed style full of energy and insight. Check out previous conversations here:

Support and Partnerships

We are thrilled to be working with St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford. Exciting plans for the future are being discussed.