Our Projects


Through our projects and campaigns, we link like-minded people together online, offline, locally and around different parts of the UK. Through training and education opportunities we connect Muslim women to each other and to people from all backgrounds.

We have launched the Together We Thrive podcast in January 2023!

We are so excited for this. A platform for us to speak to amazing women, learn more about ourselves and broaden our perspectives. Some of the people we speak to share stories of difficult periods in their lives and how they moved on and found joy. Some share about their work and career, others give spiritual reminders and tips on how they strive to be better people.

It is honest, relaxed and everyone is welcome. So pull up a chair and a cup of tea or listen to us as you walk, run, commute, wash up or while you are on the school run.

We can be found on all the main podcast channels so please find us and subscribe and follow us so you can be ready for each episode as it drops: 

Amazon Music

You can also find out more and listen directly from here: https://togetherwethrive.buzzsprout.com/

Inclusion in Mosques

Mosques should be a hub of activity, the centre of community life. More than just a prayer space. Looking back to the time of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, we can see vibrant places where everyone was welcome and respected. Find out more about our Survey and other work here:

Abuse and domestic violence in Muslim communities

We have been approached by so many Muslim women since we started.  Looking for help, guidance and support but also looking for ways to share their stories, get help and support from other women and lift the lid on these issues. See more here:

Thrive Live

During Lockdown because we couldn’t meet in person, we took our conversations online. Live on Facebook on a Thursday evening we held discussions with a diverse group of women. Across different platforms the conversations were viewed thousands of times. See some examples below: