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Thank you so much for your interest in our work and wanting to thrive with us. 

If you are a Muslim woman, based in the UK, join us to become a member of the biggest and most diverse Network and coalition of Muslim women individuals and organisations in the UK.

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This is about…

Being part of a supportive group, realising our potential and finding ways to develop and grow as people

Recognising when we need help and having a network of great women we can rely on to lift us up

Connecting with others from different parts of the UK and joining hands for positive change, together

We share our resources, our knowledge, our expertise, our good news and yes, sometimes, we share our worries and frustrations.

Some of what we do is online. Sometimes we meet in coffee shops, houses, parks or wherever we like!  We have a great pool of speakers, teachers, therapists, trainers, some who are Muslim and some who are not. They are ready to share their life stories or teach a new skill, to help us move forward in our lives following difficulties or to encourage us to push ourselves or lift us up when we feel stuck. 

When Muslim women from diverse backgrounds get together, bringing together their skills, expertise and the life lessons they have learned the hard way, amazing things happen!

Together we are the largest network of Muslim women in the UK!

Online and in-person discussions and interactions on difficult topics in safe spaces with Muslim women from across the UK

Be an active and important part of a community to help shape policy in government and other sectors so we are heard more in society and in Muslim communities

Contribute to mutual peer development, tips and training in non-judgmental and empathetic safe spaces with access to a supportive, mentoring community

Shaping and directing the organisation, raising funds, event organising

Let’s connect, collaborate, challenge and campaign, together!

Julie Siddiqi Together We Thrive

Let’s go on this journey together. Muslim women in all our shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds are amazing, I don’t often generalise but I do on this one!

This is by women, for women. Putting our money and resources together to move our community forward, with women at the heart of it.

Be part of a unique, exciting, tribe of diverse Muslim women.

A first of its kind.

Long overdue.

Let’s do this. Together.

Love and prayers, your sister


TOGETHER we can create more impact and be of benefit to more women. We don’t want cost to be a barrier so there is no fee to become a member. However, the more of us as women who can pool our money and resources, the more we can all benefit and the stronger we can be, together.