Connecting to the Qur’an in Ramadan

This is an example of how we can use online spaces to create conversations that can have ripple affects way beyond just that one event.

Co-ordinated and chaired by women, we brought together a Christian interfaith activist, Julian Bond, who shared his own experiences, journey and fascinating perspectives through the Qur’an. Dr Musharaf Hussain explained his journey from a more traditional and set understanding of how to study the Qur’an to now putting together a translation that can be understood by new audiences and with meaning rather than just recitation. We were also lucky to have beautiful recitation from Madinah Javed. She then spoke about her experiences as a Muslim woman often feeling excluded from Muslim spaces by so many who favour male reciters and claim that to be from our faith teachings. All three panellists discussed their perspectives and ideas with each other and it made for a rich and thought provoking couple of hours. The feedback has been excellent from a variety of people who watched the session live.

Our participants said…

“Thank you so much, I am so inspired right now and I’m campaigning to get Muslim women heard online and in our masjids. I’m 100% backing this”

“I just finished watching Connecting to the Qur’an programme. It was such a beautiful reminder to me to go back to reciting and most importantly to understanding the Qur’an”