Thrive Local

There are many Muslim women’s groups and networks around the UK doing great work with local women.  We work to connect them better, to learn from each other, to provide peer support and mentoring opportunities.

We specialise in making links and connections to women of all backgrounds, to share common ground, to learn and grow by sharing our expertise, contacts, knowledge and resources – always with a local, grassroots focus.

As women from different faith communities, traditions and cultures we feel proud of who we are, recognise and respect our differences while acknowledging that we can’t be our best selves when we try and go it alone. 

This project is new, exciting and feels long overdue!

If you are someone who would like to connect better with like-minded women in your local area or if you are someone who runs a local network of women and you want to connect better with other women doing similar work across the UK – get in touch! 

Let’s work together to learn more about how to thrive in our local communities and create a network of awesome women across the UK who can help each other be the best versions of themselves.

Get in touch below!