Thrive in Schools

We believe that every young person has potential and with help, support and the right mindset, anything is possible.

We live in a country with endless opportunities but we also have to face the reality that for some young people, they are not given equal chances, they do not have access to things that others do, they have never had doors opened for them or been given an arm round the shoulder and someone to guide them.

Through our extensive UK network we can work with you to connect up local businesses and community people who can offer help and support as role models and mentors.  Maybe you need a speaker to come in and inpsire your students?  Maybe you need to hear the story of a local person who has been successful in life.  Our speciality is working with Muslim women and we encourage you to be in touch so we can work with you to diversfiy and connect with women you otherwise may not have connected to before.

If you are a woman who thinks you could mentor or support others, please be in touch.  Let’s use what skills and resources we have to help young people thrive, in school and beyond.