Thrive Together

Together We Thrive Sisters
Photo credited to Dr Lindsay Simmonds pictured here with Julie Siddiqi at the March 4 Women in London, March 2020.
They have been friends since 2011

We encourage and facilitate women from faith communities to use their knowledge and experiences to benefit themselves and others around them. Sometimes that means challenging the status quo, showing new leadership, demonstrating positive ways of doing things differently. 

We develop and connect local and national networks of women from faith communities so they can learn together and share resources. We encourage them to draw on their faith teachings and not shy away from challenging issues but instead tackle them through conversation, education, dialogue, friendship and shared experiences.

We believe in using online and digital platforms to widen and encourage participation while also recognising the power of people to people connection, human contact and friendship. 

Our work is never about excluding men. It is about recognising that together women have a different kind of power that is too often ignored or not harnessed enough.  Faith communities are richer when they engage and work with everyone in them, if half of humanity is not valued and not at the table, we all suffer. Thriving is not possible alone, we have to do it together for the change to really happen.